Mophono x The Gaslamp Killer - Murder Man - 7" Vinyl

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Murder Man
Mophono x The Gaslamp Killer
7" Vinyl


CB Records is proud to announce the new 7” single by Mophono and The Gaslamp Killer titled “Murder Man (CTB vol 1), the first installment in the limited edition vinyl series based on the legendary San Francisco party Change The Beat. Founded in 2006 by Mophono, The Gaslamp Killer, Citizen Ten and Aspect McCarthy, CTB was known as the most forward thinking weekly showcase in the world, Hosting acts like Flying Lotus, DJ Shadow, Madlib, Slum Village, Edan, Mono/Poly and Eprom. The party description says it all, “Dirt Wave & Rock Electronique, Thug Jazz & Riot Funk, Psyche Madness & Funk Rock layered with the hardest instrumental & Dub beats from around the world!!!

The Gaslamp Killer and Mophono have worked together for over 10 years since their first meeting behind the turntables at a Halloween art party in San Diego. GLK and Mophono have consistently thrown back the boundaries of music and DJ’ing from the early days of CTB to working together extensively on GLK releases like Death Gate, Breakthrough and now this grimy new single Murder Man.

There is an emerging vocabulary that accurately describes this experimental genre that Mophono calls Dirt Wave. The A side, with the surprisingly upbeat rhythms to the screeching breakdown at the end, “Murder Man” smashes a futuristic yet vintage sound that can be heard all over this new release. “Xposure” on the B side, is definitely not shy either. From freakout screams to the distorted bass and chaotic b-boy drums, this is definitely not for the faint of heart.