Mr. Wonderful & Technical J - The Boss - 7" Vinyl

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The Boss
Mr. Wonderful & Technical J
7" Vinyl


Newly signed to Rhythm Rollers, Mr. Wonderful & Technical J introduce The Boss, a 7” vinyl scratched masterpiece with outstanding production and a compilation of diverse and unique scratch samples to DJ/Producer to utilize.

This unique piece of vinyl has a ‘Skip Proof’ scratch side dedicated for the DJ/Producer with over 4.30min of vocals, drums, synths, bleeps and basses that can make any DJ/Producer standout from the rest.

The Boss is a live Studio scratch track that will have any crowd rocking. Super low sub frequencies, punchy drums and ear pricking scratches that only Wonderful and J could produce.

Choosing the right samples for our record was the major focus for this release. We wanted DJ’s to standout from the crowd, so spent considerable time getting vocalists and secessionist in the studio to record some very individual samples for DJ’s to use.

‘Skip proof’ technology – is a way of recording scratch records so that they do not skip from one sample to another. This is achieved by first calculating the time it takes for one revolution of the record (1.8sec). Once you have this information you can then customise your DAW to that specific measure (133.3333bpm). Then layout your samples so they repeat at the start of each bar.

The record plant cut extra deep grooves perfect for the more aggressive style of scratching we all love (these will not jump). Making sure the weight of the vinyl was correct giving that nice feel and long lasting audio sound.