Nana Love - Disco Documentary - Full Of Funk - 2x LP Vinyl

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Nana Love
Disco Documentary - Full Of Funk
12" Vinyl


Though the iconic imagery of Disco feels distinctly tied to the United States, the style had a wide-reaching influence that made it’s way to Africa. While Africa was already no stranger to the pulsing rhythms of funk, Afro-beat, and highlife, the rise of disco added a slick sheen to the music, with musicians from all over the continent incorporating elements of the genre into their sounds.

Would there ever have been a Studio 54 in Ghana in late 70s, these would have been the recordings that would have packed the dance floor with their deep root in Disco, Soul & Funk!

An album recorded in the late 70s packed full of legendary musicians such as Harry Mosco and many more… to be re-discovered 35 years after it’s initial vinyl release as a private press. A “Disco Documentary Full Of Funk” proves that it stands the test of time by sounding as fresh and original as any other sought-after Disco / Soul Funk LP from the West coast of Africa in the late 70s.

BBE went on another crate-digging journey and found the original producer Reindorf Nana Oppong and the original master tapes were dusted off, transferred to digital. In the process of this, even un-released material was discovered on the tapes, which makes this a rather special package.

“Nana Love – Disco Documentary Full Of Funk” is one special journey through Afro Disco & Boogie in the late 70s, and we at BBE can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!!!
AI'm In Love11:47
B1We Gonna Stay For The Party4:13
B2Talking About Music3:43
B3Disco Lover3:44
B4Sahara / Chains Of Love2:55
C1Hang On Baby8:52
C2When The Heart Decides3:09
D1Reach Out My Hand3:04
D2Love Feeling (Dance Mix)5:33
D3Love Feeling (Instrumental)2:51

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