Neek The Exotic - Hell Up In Queens - Cassette

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Hell Up In Queens
Neek The Exotic
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Queens, New York M.C. Neek The Exotic returns with a dope new album "Hell Up In Queens". This album is pure Hip Hop at it's finest featuring stellar production by Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest on the title track "Hell Up In Queens", Large Professor produced the very hypnotic track "Bax N Nex", Kwame produced the super catchy track "O.G. Season" that features Hip Hop heavy weight Bumpy Knuckles. Additional production handled by new up & coming producers Kapital who blazed tracks like "Chronic Bars" & "What U Want Me To Be" and others. The hard hitting "Still Fakin' The Funk" features Fredro Starr from ONYX which will be the first music video. Neek also brought along some young new talented artists such as Stoxx, Fame Feddi & Merc The Big Body Benz who are also featured on this album.

This is a well thought out and put together album from Neek, who has continued to stay relevant in Hip Hop since day one when he was featured on MAIN SOURCE's 1992 "Fakin' The Funk" from the White Men Can't Jump Motion Picture Soundtrack. He has had a slew of releases since then such as his groundbreaking first 12" single "Exotic's Raw" in 1997 and the 1999 "Backs N Necks" EP featuring & produced by his long time childhood friend and collaborator Large Professor. The Queens Hip Hop duo also released 2010's "Exotic Species" & the 2011's "Still On The Hustle". Neek The Exotic makes a statement on his new album letting the world know that he is still not Fakin' The Funk. The Red Mamba is back and it's gonna be Hell Up In Queens!
1. Bax N Nex Produced by Large Professor
2. Hell Up In Queens (feat. Stoxx) Produced by Q-Tip
3. Queens Venom (feat. Stoxx, Large Professor & Merc The Body Benz)
4. Chronic Bars
5. Red Mamba Flow

6. What U Want Me To Be (feat. Fame Feddi)
7. Still Fakin' The Funk (feat. Fredro Starr)
8. Where I Came From (feat. Young Lxrd)
9. O.G. Season (feat. Bumpy Knuckles) Produced by Kwame
10. Everything's On Course (feat. Large Professor)