Neon Indian - VEGA INTL. Night School - 2x LP Vinyl

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VEGA INTL. Night School
Neon Indian
12" Vinyl


Right at the turn of the aughts, the nebulous genre known as “chillwave” was all the rage, and Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo was its poster boy. On the excellent Psychic Chasms, he took chintzy beats and funky lo-fi synths to psychedelically chilled out heights, while the underrated follow-up, Era Extrana, looked further into the underbelly of ’80s pop for a nighttime pop album worthy of Donnie Darko. Now years later, Palomo has his work cut out for him as EDM rules the summer fest circuit. Somehow, Vega Intl. Night School manages to remind you of the bets bits of chillwave while successfully moving forward. For those in the know, “Annie” was the banger of the summer, flowing new agey flutes into a digi reggae bounce that sounds like a reconfigured synth-funk memory. The old school hip hop vibe of “Street Level” and synth R&B smear “Smut!” seem to drip acid, coming at you and receding simultaneously. “Slumlord” and “Techno Clique” really let Palomo venture into his classic house fetish, naturally extending the sound he’s cultivated thus far into a rewarding new direction. By far his longest and most complete album, Vega ends on a few lightly tossed off tracks—“C’est La Vie” is an italo disco-inspired splatter of color, “61 Cygni Ave” sounds like two Men at Work and Cameo tapes were left in the sun and melted together, and “News From the Sun” ends things on a straight up Prince homage. Detractors might still find fuel since Palomo primarily mines well-worn ’80s pop influences. However, his ability to render those inspirations as alien forms makes him as relevant as ever, bleeding tracks into one another in a perfectly packaged, post-Internet free-for-all that sets your pleasure sensors on overdrive.

A1 Hit Parade 1:05
A2 Annie 4:03
A3 Street Level 4:02
A4 Smut! 3:27
A5 Bozo 1:23
B1 The Glitzy Hive 3:51
B2 Dear Skorpio Magazine 3:56
C1 Slumlord 5:15
C2 Slumlord's Re-Lease 2:25
C3 Techno Clique 4:32
D1 Baby's Eyes 6:26
D2 C’est La Vie (Say The Casualties!) 3:03
D3 61 Cygni Ave 4:04
D4 News From The Sun (Live Bootleg) 3:53

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