New Order - Get Ready (2015 Remaster) - LP Vinyl

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Get Ready (2015 Remaster)
New Order
12" Vinyl


2015 remastered reissue on 180g vinyl. Get Ready is the seventh studio album by English rock band New Order. Recorded between 2000 and 2001 and released in August 2001 by record label London, Get Ready was the group's first album in eight years, following 1993's Republic. This was the last New Order album featuring the classic lineup of Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris.

Instead of settling down in front of the mixing board for another dance album (a lá Technique or Republic), New Order returned in 2001 with a sound and style they hadn't played with for over a decade. Unsurprisingly bored by the stale British club scene circa 2001, the band opened Get Ready with a statement of purpose, a trailer single ("Crystal") featuring a host of longtime New Order staples: a sublime melody, an inscrutable set of lyrics, a deft, ragged guitar line kicking in for the chorus, and Peter Hook's yearning bass guitar taking a near-solo role. Though there are several allowances for the electronic-dance form New Order helped develop, Get Ready is a very straight-ahead album, their first work in 15 years that's focused on songwriting and performance rather than grafted dance techniques. (Of course, the band proved themselves far more than studio hands at several points, stretching back over twenty years to Joy Division's landmark Unknown Pleasures, as well as later New Order LPs like 1985's Low-life and 1986's Brotherhood.)
A1 Crystal 6:50
A2 60 Miles An Hour 4:34
A3 Turn My Way 5:04
A4 Vicious Streak 5:39
A5 Primitive Notion 5:41
B1 Slow Jam 4:52
B2 Rock The Shack 4:11
B3 Someone Like You 5:41
B4 Close Range 4:12
B5 Run Wild 3:56