Nommo Hunzuu - Drinnen Traum - Cassette

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Drinnen Traum
Nommo Hunzuu


Mixtapes these days come a fraction of a penny a dozen and amid the inundation, a tiny ratio of these mixes truly deserves your precious time. The elusive British DJ Nommo Hunzuu has pieced together one such essential collage for your ears with Drinnen Traum (translation: Indoors Dream). Over an hour of painstaking aural weaving, Nommo Hunzuu lures you into his own distinctive aural universe that favors odd juxtapositions and immersive atmospheres laced with complementary film dialogue and gnomic declarations from culture icons like William S. Burroughs and Timothy Leary.

From the start of Drinnen Traum, Nommo Hunzuu summons a momentous tension and foreboding ambience that plunges below even David Lynch and Alan Splet's Eraserhead soundtrack's depths, while he layers a conventional, sub-Scott Walker love ballad to induce a wonderfully incongruent frisson. But Hunzuu refuses to stay in one mode for very long, and soon we're bueted into a Carpenter-esque hauntscape blended with a grit soul song, followed by a Two Lone Swordsmen-like electro strut and a pitched-down Suicide cover.

In fact, everything on Drinnen Traum seems slowed and slurred for maximal creepiness and disorientation. Whether it's brutal, mid-tempo industrial numbers with whip-crack beats, lewd and dangerous electro-rock, or a pret, electronic ballad, Hunzuu selects his tracks with the paramount objective of dispersing disturbing vibes. In this way, he spins a gripping narrative throughout. When we hear Harry Dean Stanton intone, “Everything just happens. Nobody's in charge. It's one big phantasmagoria. Everything is unfolding perfectly, all pre-destined. It's all written. Just go along with the trip,” the observations translate as Drinnen Traum's mission statement. To be sure, it's a perilous trip, but also an unforgettable one that's worthy of the grizzled actor's words from the beyond.

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