Odd Nosdam - Time Soundtrack - 12" Vinyl

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Time Soundtrack
Odd Nosdam
12" Vinyl


inventory find! Conceived as a soundtrack to skate movie This Is My Element, this new Odd Nosdam album dedicates each track to a specific boarder, apparently tailoring each song to the "style and cadence" of the various subjects. 'Zone Coaster' makes for a great opener, instantly drawing you into the realm of grainy, digitised samples and hazy melodies Odd Nosdam so ably commands, and it's not too long before the momentum starts to build, culminating in 'Top Rank', which takes '60s psychedelia and Boards Of Canada-style production haze, all shattered by that familiar Nosdam bitcrushing technique. In fact, the waifish lo-fi crunch of this album instantly identifies its author (although on a few tracks here he gets a little help from Anticon super-producer pal, Jel), and T.I.M.E. supplies another winning selection of instrumentals from this most distinctive of underground hip hop architects, drawing on a healthily broad range of material, from the fizzy euphoria of 'One For Dallas' to the sub bass, pseudo dubstep plod of 'Wig Smasher'.

A1 Zone Coaster
Sequenced By [Additional Drums] - Jel
A2 T.I.M.E. In
A3 Cop Crush
A4 We Bad Apples
A5 Trunk Bomb
A6 Top Rank
A7 Fly Mode
Sequenced By [Additional Drums] - Jel
B1 Ethereal Slap
B2 Root Bark
Sequenced By [Additional Drums] - Jel
B3 One For Dallas
B4 Root Loop
B5 Wig Smasher
B6 T.I.M.E. Out

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