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Odd Nosdam
12" Vinyl


Having cut his teeth producing warped and bombastic beats as a member of cLOUDDEAD, David P. Madson aka Odd Nosdam has since gone on to record and release some of the most revered work in the post-millennial abstract hip-hop world. Through his solo productions, various collaborations, and remixes for the likes of Boards of Canada, the Anticon Records cofounder has traced an indelible strain of super-saturated, no-fi weirdness located at the intersection of British IDM, West Coast hip-hop, and ethereal drone. Trish first saw the light of day in late 2013 as a cassette-only release on the Chicago-based Baro label, now long sold-out; a digital release followed on Odd Nosdam's own Burnco label. Trish is a subtle homage to the late Broadcast singer Trish Keenan (1968-2011) created from the haunted remains of a failed follow-up to Odd Nosdam's 2007 Level Live Wires album. This long-overdue vinyl reissue marks the 2016 fifth anniversary of Keenan's tragic death from pneumonia in January 2011. Across the work's six tracks, Odd Nosdam harnesses the aural mystery of a sample-based approach with an emphasis on cassette manipulation and distortion. Overall, Trish lingers and drifts through a shimmering fog of high-register sonics with introspectively tonal movements. While Odd Nosdam's sound may intersect with Broadcast's at times, his approach on Trish is distinctly his own -- a unique blend of emotive ambiguity and lush, wandering vacancy. Featuring guest appearances from Bre'r and Liz Harris (Grouper), Trish is as dense as it is reflective.

A1 Taikair
A2 Lonjae
A3 Ladders
B1 Olynn
B2 Equal
B3 Trish

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