Otto Von Schirach - Oozing Bass Spasms - 2x LP Vinyl

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Oozing Bass Spasms
Otto Von Schirach
12" Vinyl


note: jacket shows some damage, but VINYL IS MINT & UNPLAYED

"the sado-booty ring-master, theromantic toe sniffler, the gangster of dsp is back again! that's right, hymen records and cock rock disco are proud to present the vinyl version of his new full length album: 'oozing bass spasms'. with enough porn and horror samples to satiate the most demented programmer, and enough juicy bass to placate the most voracious bass-head, oozing bass spasms is a masterwork by one of the world's most original artists. by far his most approachable and even refined album, it's still pretty crazy in a way that only otto von schirach can provide. this time the overall feeling of the album is more dance sounding; elements of booty, electro, breakcore, and rave music all find a place in his bizarre universe. compared with booty-bassers like dj funk or dj assault where mainly females are objects of carnal desires, both male and female get one's just deserts from otto! from the first track 'subatomic disco divas' to the last 'satanic unicorn orgy', we are spoon-fed outstanding beats of all types, fractured and welded into ghettoized forms never seen. 'magnetic rave headache' will probably be one of the hardest breakcore tracks you've ever heard, and then the next song, 'geliatin fixation' is built around a dubstep bassline that would make scorn wet himself. his ballad 'her blood is like poison' gets the ladies horny and the boys start the mosh-pit during 'dj hepatitis tofuburger'. but the party gets rowdy with his collaboration with liquido -'romance in the club'- a electro-club banger like we rarely get anymore- it's positively soaked in party.

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