Outkast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik - LP Vinyl

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12" Vinyl


2014 reissue, originally released in 1994. It is on OutKast's debut album that the fledgling production team Organized Noize began forging one of the most distinctive production sounds in popular music in the '90s: part hip-hop; part live, Southern-fried guitar licks and booty-thick bass runs; and part lazy, early-'70s soul. The album was not only artistically successful but also thrived commercially, leaping into the Top 20 album chart on the back of the outstanding hit single "Player's Ball" and eventually going platinum. Although a little bit too dependent on overly simplistic and programmed snare beats, the music is unconditionally excellent, with languid, mellow melodies sliding atop rapid, mechanical drums. Organized Noize already had their distinguishing sound figured out, down to the last twanged, wah-wahed note. But what makes Southernplayalisticadillacmuzick such a wonderful album has even more to do with the presence of its rappers, Dre and Big Boi. No one sounded like OutKast in 1994 -- a mixture of lyrical acuity, goofball humor, Southern drawl, funky timing, and legitimate offbeat personalities. Few rappers of the '90s have displayed such an inventive sense of rhyme flow either, and few rap artists in general have ears as attuned to creating such catchy melodic and vocal hooks. Almost every song has some sort of tuneful chant or repetitive hook that marks it as instantly memorable. There are occasional dull and mediocre spots, such as "Call of Da Wild" and the overlong "Funky Ride," that can't even be elevated by a head-nodding bassline or a tricky rhyme. Such low points, however, are far outshined by the brilliant moments. Already an extremely strong showing, OutKast would continue to develop into one of the finest, most consistently challenging (not to mention booty-shaking) rap groups of the decade.
A1 Peaches (Intro) 0:51
A2 Ain't No Thang 5:39
A3 Welcome To Atlanta (Interlude) 0:58
A4 Southernplayalisticadillacmusik 5:18
A5 Call Of Da Wild 6:06
A6 Player's Ball (Original) 4:21
A7 Claimin' True 4:43
B1 True Dat (Interlude) 1:16
B2 Crumblin' Erb 5:10
B3 Funky Ride 6:31
B4 Git Up , Git Out 7:27
B5 Hootie Hoo 3:59