Pascal Pinon - Pascal Pinon - 12" Vinyl

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Pascal Pinon
Pascal Pinon
12" Vinyl


LP version. "On Pascal Pinon's Tumblr you'll find an older photo that shows twin sisters Jofridur and Asthildur smiling proudly over a Yamaha keyboard circa 1999. Back then, they weren't even in their teens, far from it, and yet they were already shaping and creating that unique chemistry -- a special bond that can only exist between siblings, twins especially. Thanks to this special bond, Pascal Pinon have managed to record a second album that's bolder, more mature, more focused, and more diverse than its predecessor. Having successfully toured Japan and other places, it's not always three-minute songs for Pascal Pinon; sometimes a few moments are sufficient to create a certain mood. Whereas album opener "Ekki Vanmeta" appears to be the Icelandic equivalent to a block party, "Bloom" intricately moves along and shape-shifts like Gavin Bryars' compositions. Pascal Pinon is now essentially comprised of Jofridur and Asthildur, with occasional help by Kristin (and then there's also casual member Sylvia); together they have created a many-layered soundtrack to growing up on a volcanic island in the Atlantic. A small world of its own, with all its marvels, all its "Good and Bad Things" (though still untouched by McDonald's, trains, and Starbucks). Even the fact that they used more than one microphone this time around does not take away from the characteristic DIY approach often found in Iceland's bedrooms. With Twosomeness, Pascal Pinon are about to enter adult life -- a point usually associated with drifting apart, forgetting dreams. These girls, however, seem to be going the other direction. Recorded and produced by Alex Somers (producer of Sigur Ros & Jonsi). Includes mp3 download.