Peverelist - Roll With The Punches - 12" Vinyl

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Roll With The Punches
12" Vinyl


2017 repress - one of Peverelist's best 12" - the mighty "Roll With The Punches". The trick here (as with so much of the more interesting Dubstep doing the rounds right now) is that Peverelist is a producer with enough confidence to hold back on any obvious conceits. Everything is measured and spacious, almost minimal in execution, with bombastic trademarks cast aside in favour of an impressive attention to detail and understanding of pace. The track is essentially quite downcast, but the elongated synth that comes in, flailing and oscillating with no set agenda halfway through the track, elevates it into the company of the most treasured tunes in your box - tracks that don't entirely make sense on first listen but which eventually plaster themselves to your mind with stubborn determination. "Die Brucke" is even better, clinging to a 4/4 template straight out of Berlin and employing cushioned pads and lilting Sino melodies, it's a soft breeze of a track that once again achieves so much with the barest ingredients. The wheat is really starting to separate itself from the chaff in the world of dubstep right now, and for every two-dozen wobble standards released every week you get the odd gemstone created with longevity and function in mind, something that Peverlist provides in abundance. Together with Burial, Shackleton, Cyrus, Pinch, Kode 9 and 2562, Peverelist is an artist you should really investigate further if you're starting to get bored with the run of the mill in dubstep.

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