Philip D Kick - As We Continue - 12" Vinyl

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Philip D Kick
As We Continue
12" Vinyl


Astrophonica maintain pace in 2020 as Philip D Kick returns to the label with the 6 track “As We Continue”. Following 2018’s “Pathways” Jim Coles aka Om Unit aka Philip D Kick adds some shine and sparkle to his already near perfect and persistent formula. Coles remains dedicated to blurring the lines and joining the dots. As we continue . . .

‘Drips’ sets the pace and opens the flood gates with a flowing groove and lingering bass womps like condensation off a low ceiling. ‘160909313’ steamrolls through with a constant Turbo drum machine drive accelerated by a non stop rolling bass riff. The doors are well and truly blown off in ‘Funk 160’ as a planet rocking breakbeat and infectious chord stabs set the pace with confidence and class. Balmy pads caress a lazy groove in ‘Summer Moods’ and conjure feelings of long evenings and ever lasting sunsets. The Riviera is all bit crushed pads and elite level breakbeat science while you enjoy the passing vistas. ’Clouds’ brings this episode to a close with a smooth glide through the stratosphere and beyond with 4/4 kicks and luscious bass arp.

'This record for me reflects the ongoing conversation between cultures and styles where jungle meets footwork meets techno, 3 cultures that share more in common than perhaps people realise, and for me this is more of a in-depth exploration for example of sonic tropes more prevalent in the world of detroit techno than other previous records. 'Clouds' and '160909313' for example being somewhat of an homage to Detroit, the birthplace of techno, yet another black music that changed the world.' - Philip D Kick / Om Unit
A3Funk 160
AA1Summer Moods
AA2The Riviera