Piddy Py - Giggle Rhythm - 12" Vinyl

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Giggle Rhythm
Piddy Py
12" Vinyl


Piddy Py is the Bassline phemonenon from Moss Side in Manchester currently sending clubs from London to Glasgow into a frenzy via the two huge anthems licked up and down this 12" with 'Giggle Riddim' and 'Prickly Rose'. The party crew will be aware of 'Giggle Riddim' from Sinden's stupendous Fabriclive mix last year, with the instantly memorable sample of ecstatic girly laughter that lends the track it's name, followed by a detonating synthline that we've witnessed causing serious damage on a packed dancefloor. Truth is, we've not really heard owt like this before and and the tricksy 3/4 switches weaved into a bang-jacking house rhythm are at once the simplest and craftiest floor sweeping manouvres we've come across in a while, and should act as floor igniting nitro glyceride at any club with half a leg. 'Prickly Rose' follows the formula on the flip with another slice of freshened mentallism, sounding like some crazy baroque set-dance imported from JA with hapsichord licks and ornate strings adding some classy flavour for the ladies and those wilding squiggly synthlines just smashing 2009 into your ears. We can't recommend this one any more, it's an absolute f*cking must-have for any freshened floor followers or anyone bored of the orthodox basswise stoicism of much current dubstep. Hyperdelic neon rainbow flavours for the fun crew!!!

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