Popol Vuh - Nosferatu - 2x LP Vinyl

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Popol Vuh
12" Vinyl


The story of the Nosferatu soundtrack editions through the years appears a little chaotic. Several editions, with several sleeves and completely different tracklists have appeared in different countries. What we tried to offer here is the definitive edition of Popol Vuh’s works for this fantastic Werner Herzog 1979 tribute to the old Murnau classic. When asked for a new soundtrack for Herzog’s project, Florian Fricke and Daniel Fichelscher came out with a magnificent album that once again, as it had happened with Hosianna Mantra, opened new paths to follow. The album, although having been recorded with the movie in mind, was not titled Nosferatu. Instead it was released as Brüder des Schattens – Söhne des Lichts, which can be translated as “Brother Of Darkness – Son Of Light”. It first came out in 1978 featuring amazing new age / ambient escapades based on repetitive passages and instrumentation of incredible beauty, recorded with the help of Al Gromer (Amon Düül) on sitar, Bob Eliscu (Between) on oboe, Ted de Jong on tamboura plus a complete church choir ensemble from Munich. Brüder des Schattens…, also issued in other editions as Nosferatu, makes disc one on this gorgeous double LP set.
Brüder Des Schattens - Söhne Des Lichts
Brüder Des Schattens - Söhne Des Lichts 17:10
Höre, Der Du Wagst 5:30
Das Schloss Des Irrtums 5:20
Die Umkehr 6:10
On The Way To A Little Way
Mantra 6:14
Morning Sun Rays 3:20
Venus Principle 4:39
Mantra II 5:22
Auf Dem Weg - On The Way 3:20
On The Way 4:49
Through Pains To Heaven 3:42
To A Little Way 3:37
Zwiesprache Der Rohrflote Mit Der Sangerin 3:42
Die Natch Der Himmel 4:08
Der Ruf Der Rohrflote 3:21