Public Enemy - Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp - 2x LP Vinyl

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Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp
Public Enemy
12" Vinyl


Extremely Limited - 500 units worldwide. D side is Serato control tone.

25 years is a long journey in any artist's career, especially a recording group even more incredible in the genre of rap and hip hop. Public Enemy releases the first of two highly anticipated albums in 2012 with "Most Of My Heroes STILL Don't Appear On NO Stamp," an explosive musical lyrical statement to the Planet Earth. 11 tracks laden with the sonic and word fury this group has been known for. Complete with interludes saluting the rebels of freedom,directly spoken over beats to tie it all together. CHUCK D, FLAVOR FLAV, DJ LORD, PROFESSOR GRIFF the baNNed and S1WS all contribute in a big, necessary way. RUN TILL IT'S DARK, GET UP STAND UP, CATCH THE THROWN and the single and video I SHALL NOT BE MOVED speak volumes by their titles alone. It's a new sound with the CLASSIC Bomb Squad like assembly approach with contributors like ZTRIP, LARGE PROFESSOR, BUMPY KNUCKLES, with BROTHER ALI, CORMEGA, and Hall Of Famer DMC and others. The first NEW studio album since 2007, Public Enemy planned 2012 to be a unique recording output of sight and sound after the result of listening and watching these past 5 years. A must millennium anthem for the music masses galore.

A1 Run Til It's Dark 3:18
A2 Get Up, Stand Up 5:03
A3 Most Of My Heroes Still... 3:31
A4 I Shall Not Be Moved 5:23
B1 Get It In 3:09
B2 Hoover Music 3:58
B3 Catch The Thrown 4:26
B4 RLTK 4:38
C1 Truth Decay 4:11
C2 FassFood 4:03
C3 WTF? 6:22
D1 Serato