Queen Latifah & The Original Flava Unit - Queen Latifah & The Original Flava Unit - LP Vinyl

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NOTE: jacket has a dented/creased corner but VINYL IS MINT & SEALED<br/><br/>These are some of the early recordings of Queen Latifah in her prime as a freestyle rapper. Produced and mixed by DJ Mark The 45, the LP also features the Original Flavor Unit, Lakim Shabazz, Apache and Lord Alibaski.

A1 Queen Latifah - Greetings From The Queen 2:37
A2 Queen Latifah, Apache, Lord Alibaski, Lakim Shabazz & Double J (2) - Flavor Unit Assassination Squad 6:25
A3 Apache & Lakim Shabazz - Passing The Mic 3:35
A4 Apache - I Feel Like Flowing 4:02
A5 Lakim Shabazz - Hands Of Fate 5:44
B1 Apache - Smooth Yet Hard 5:14
B2 Lakim Shabazz - Horns Are Horny 5:43
B3 Lord Alibaski - Lyrics In Motion 4:06
B4 Queen Latifah, Apache, Lakim Shabazz, Double J (2) & Lord Alibaski - Flavor Unit Assassination Squad (45 King Remix) 6:25