Ray 7 / A. Garcia - The Odd Couple Ep - 12" Vinyl

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The Odd Couple Ep
Ray 7 / A. Garcia
12" Vinyl


Cryovac Recordings seeks out characters that give depth to the soundscape of Detroit's Underground. Cryovac individuals believe in their path and stand for their art. Ray7 (aka M.I.A. & The Unknown Soldier of UR fame) is a multifaceted musical being surviving an ever evolving technosphere. He is an unknown hero that holds his own sonicly on any side of the planet. Ray7 provides the power needed for the Cryovac machine to hatch a new plot. Cryovac exists due to the efforts of craftsmen and artists that work together to make something unique

Side A starts with an ancient Zulu chant that provides protection as well as a funky sort of techno break pop. The next track grinds in to a ruff and gritty narration of ghetto mind-set under the influence of classic electro. A constant roll moves the last track into addition and subtraction inside of a spartan groove that breaks and turns with strength.

Side B opens with a busy 4/4 be-bop lackadaisically drifting with dreamy synth over the chatter of voice, hi-hats, and reverb broken down by a 303 buzzing. Track two is a dark and sloppy incomprehensible subliminal sing-a-long building and ebbing around a stark kick and clap.
A1–Ray 7Zulu
A2–Ray 7Ghetto
A3–Ray 7Words
B1–A. Garcia (5)Yeah Yo Right
B2–A. Garcia (5)Second Sauce

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