Ray Charles - Modern Sounds In Country & Western Vol. 2 - LP Vinyl

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Modern Sounds In Country & Western Vol. 2
Ray Charles
12" Vinyl


This quintessential LP edition includes Ray Charles' sensational album, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music - Volume 2, which was originally released by ABC Records in October 1962 and has been long unavailable on vinyl. It is the second volume of country and western recordings by Charles.

Having struck the mother lode with Vol. 1 of this genre-busting concept, "Brother Ray," producer Sid Feller, and ABC-Paramount went for another helping and put it out immediately. The idea was basically the same -- raid the then-plentiful coffers of Nashville for songs and turn them into Ray Charles material with either a big band or a carpet of strings and choir. This time, though, instead of a random mix of backgrounds, the big band tracks -- again arranged by Gerald Wilson in New York -- went on side one, and the strings/choir numbers -- again arranged by Marty Paich in Hollywood -- were placed on side two. Saleswise, it couldn't miss, but, more importantly, Vol. 2 defied the curse of the sequel and was just as much of an artistic triumph as its predecessor, if not as immediately startling.

Charles' transfiguration of "You Are My Sunshine" sets the tone, and, as before, there's a good quota of Don Gibson material; "Don't Tell Me Your Troubles" becomes a fast gospel rouser and "Oh Lonesome Me" a frantic big band number. Paich lays on the '50s and early-'60s Muzak with an almost gleeful, over-the-top commercial slickness that with an ordinary artist would have been embarrassing. But the miracle is that Charles' hurt, tortured, soulfully twisting voice transforms the backgrounds as well as the material; you believe what he's singing. It appealed across the board, from the teenage singles-buying crowd to adult consumers of easy listening albums and Charles' core black audience -- and even those who cried "sellout" probably took some secret guilty pleasures from these recordings.
A1You Are My Sunshine2:58
A2No Letter Today3:02
A3Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)2:38
A4Don't Tell Me Your Troubles2:04
A6Oh, Lonesome Me2:10
B1Take These Chains From My Heart2:52
B2Your Cheating Heart3:30
B3I'll Never Stand In Your Way2:15
B4Making Believe2:48
B5Teardrops In My Heart3:00
B6Hang Your Head In Shame3:12
B7At The Club *2:59

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