Red Horse - Red Horse - 12" Vinyl

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Red Horse
Red Horse
12" Vinyl


Boston's Red Horse duo make an insanely dynamic and visceral cacophony on their second eponymous LP (not to be confused with their first - which is also self-titled). From the strength of their 1st album, 2009's identically titled but more lo-fi effort on R.E.L, they've earned justifiable comparisons with Norwegian post-everything titans Supersilent and Jazkamer, and now thanks to detailed engineering assistance from Raul Rosa and mastering by Hospital Audio's Kris Lapke, their sound here is every bit as engaging as those frames of reference imply. It's part free-jazz and part backyard sound art, fusing the hyperkinetic, hit-everything-in-sight percussion of Eli Keszler with the automated and electrified string sculptures of Steve Pyne, striking a fine balance of unbound rhythm and uniquely dissonant tonalities which you simply wouldn't find from a more conventional set-up. But make no mistake, this is no basic freakout; the duo's steely grasp of their instruments and taste for intensity is balanced with a finely tuned quiet/loud sensibility, and when they do go quiet it's that much more enveloping and head-wrenching. Over the last few years the duo have gained a cult status in their locale which has slowly spread beyond its perimeters, and while it's unlikely they're ever going to become stadium superstars, an instinctive control and mastery of their homebuilt instrumental arsenal ensures interest will continue to grow. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering and intended to be played as LOUD as you can take it. Recommended.
A1 Part One
A2 Part Two
A3 Part Three
B1 Part Four
B2 Part Five