Rocky Horror Picture Show - 15TH ANNIVERSARY - 4x Cassette Box Set

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Rocky Horror Picture Show


Warehouse find! BRAND NEW & SEALED!!

U.S. version. Box set contains:
- THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW: Original Roxy Cast
- 2 compilation albums: Rocky Horror International and Songs From The Vaults
- a color booklet telling all about Rocky Horror and full of rare pictures.
Rocky Horror International (A Collection Of Rocky Horror Tracks From Around The World)
A1–Mexican Cast*Un Relato Bien Extraño Y Muy Pasado
A2–New Zealand Cast*Dammit, Janet!
A3–Norwegian Cast*Alltid Lys Hos Frankenstein
A4–Original London Cast*The Time Warp
A5–Original London Cast*Sweet Transvestite
A6–The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast*Sword Of Damocles
A7–New Zealand Cast*I Can Make You A Man
A8–Mexican Cast*¿Que Le Ha Pasado El Sabado?
A9–Norwegian Cast*Muskellmann Sangen (Reprise)
B1–Mexican Cast*Toca Toca Toca Toca
B2–The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast*Once In A While
B3–The Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience*Eddie's Teddy (The Rocky Horry Picture Show Audience Par-Tic-I-Pation Album)
B4–The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast*Planet Schmanet, Janet
Floor Show
B5a–Original London Cast*Rose Tint My World
B5b–Original London Cast*Don't Dream It, Be It
B5c–Original London Cast*Wild And An Untaimed Thing
B6–Original London Cast*I'm Going Home
B7–Australian Cast*Super Heroes
B8–Mexican Cast*Un Relato
Songs From The Vaults (A Collection Of Rocky Horror Rarities)
C1–VariousThe Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Trailer
C2–Tim CurryBaby Love
C3–Riff Raff (7)Rocky Horror Radio Commercial
C4–Little NellSee You 'Round Like A Record
C5–Riff Raff (7)Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Belt You About The Mouth)
C6–Tim CurryJust 14
C7–Shock Treatment CastDenton U.S.A.
C8–Little NellDo The Swim
D1–Tim CurryBiting My Nails
D2–Richard O'BrienShock Treatment
D3–Little NellFever
D4–Tim CurryWe Went As Far As We Felt Like Going
D5–Shock Treatment CastLittle Black Dress
D6–Little NellBeauty Queen
D7–The Laker BandThe Time Warp
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
E1–Richard O'BrienScience Fiction/Double Feature4:40
E2–Brad (14) & Janet (10)Dammit Janet2:51
E3–Riff Raff (7), Brad (14) & Janet (10)Over At The Frankenstein Place2:37
E4–Riff Raff (7), Columbia (4), Magenta (13), Narrator (2) & The TransylvaniansThe Time Warp3:15
E5–Frank N FurterSweet Transvestite3:21
E6–Frank N FurterI Can Make You A Man2:07
E7–Eddie (33)Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul3:00
E8–Frank N FurterI Can Make You A Man: Reprise1:44
E9–Janet (10)Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me2:27
F1–Dr. ScottEddie2:44
Rose Tint My World
F2a–Brad (14), Janet (10), Columbia (4), Rocky (19)Floor Show2:46
F2b–Frank N FurterFanfare/Don't Dream It3:34
F2c–Frank N Furter & Riff Raff (7)Wild And Untamed Thing1:53
F3–Frank N FurterI'm Going Home2:48
F4–Brad (14) & Janet (10)Super Heroes2:45
F5–Richard O'BrienScience Fiction/Double Feature: Reprise1:26
F6–Riff Raff (7), Columbia (4), Magenta (13), Narrator (2) & The TransylvaniansThe Time Warp (Remix 1989 Extended Version)5:35
F7–Riff Raff (7), Columbia (4), Magenta (13), Narrator (2) & The TransylvaniansThe Time Warp (Music - 1 = Background Track + U Mix)4:08
The Rocky Horror Show (Starring Tim Curry And The Original Roxy Cast)
G1–Jamie DonnellyScience Fiction/Double Feature
G2–Abigale Haness & B. MillerDammit Janet
G3–Abigale Haness & B. MillerOver At The Frankenstein Place
G4–Tim CurrySweet Transvestite
G5–Bruce Scott, Jamie Donnelly, Boni Enten & Graham JarvisTime Warp
G6–Kim MilfordThe Sword Of Damoclese
G7–Tim CurryCharles Atlas Song
G8–Meat LoafWhat Ever Happened To Saturday Night
H1–Tim CurryCharles Atlas Song (Reprise)
H2–Abigale HanessTouch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me
H3–Abigale Haness & B. MillerOnce In Awhile
H4–Meat LoafEddie's Teddy
H5–Tim CurryPlanet Shmanet Janet
H6–Tim Curry, Boni Enten, Abigale Haness, Kim Milford & B. MillerRose Tint My World
H7–Tim CurryI'm Going Home
H8–Abigale Haness & B. MillerSuper Heroes

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