Rodney P - The Next Chapter / Recognise Me - 7" Vinyl

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Rodney P
The Next Chapter / Recognise Me
7" Vinyl


"The Next Chapter/Recognise Me (I'm An African)" marks the return of the godfather of British hip-hop, Rodney P aka The Riddim Killa, with his first solo release in over a decade. Out on Tru Thoughts, the white promo 7' represents the Rodney P of today. The two killer tracks embody and personify the evolving music and culture of his heritage while paying homage to his contribution to the UK hip-hop canon.

"The Next Chapter" is both personal and cultural. It's a reintroduction to the hugely influential legend while laying out the next chapter in his respected career. Simultaneously it's a commentary of how the music and culture he helped lay the foundations of has moved into a new space: 'the younguns have taken hold of their destiny with new youth energy. They are achieving and embracing technology. However, hip-hop culture has been separated from rap music ' they are missing out on their own history and legacy', Rodney explains.

'Recognise Me (I'm An African)' see's Rodney reconnect on a deeper level with his West-Indian heritage as a second-generation immigrant. Referencing Ghanaian politician and revolutionary Kwame Nkrumah, Rodney explores themes of identity and the ideology of pan-Africanism (the idea that the destiny of all people of African descent, depends on the fate of the continent of Africa). 'I consider myself an African, I'm feeling more African as I'm getting older. It affects me and my mindset'. A pioneer who inspired a generation of hip-hop and grime MCs with his homegrown reggae-influenced flow, Rodney P set the scene ablaze back in the late '80s with the seminal group London Posse. Since then, he has had a rich and varied career as a radio and television personality, while musically collaborating with the likes of Bjork, Skinnyman, Omar, MJ Cole and countless others.