Roy Meriwether - Nubian Lady - 2x LP Vinyl

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Nubian Lady
Roy Meriwether
12" Vinyl


Official Reissue of the 1973 album recorded live at The Magic Carpet, Dayton, Ohio. In 1973, a young Ohio pianist named Roy Meriwether prepared a trio that laid down some of the most compelling soulful Jazz ever recorded live to tape. Recorded live at “The Magic Carpet” in the heart of downtown Dayton, Ohio, Nubian Lady united the talented trio of Bill Conway (double bass), Billy Jackson (drums) and Roy Meriwether (piano). Released on tiny indie label Singer Productions, Nubian Lady never got the proper push it deserved, and remained a extremely rare (and expensive) treasure for decades. After being re-discovered by DJs and sample hunters, the album has taken on almost mythical status among collectors of jazz, soul, and funk.Now, more than 40 years after it’s original release, Nubian Lady is finally back in print on limited-edition vinyl, complete with never-before-seen photos, new liner notes, and a bonus LP containing another rare Meriwether recording, 1975’s Roy Meriwether Live. Reflecting on the triad’s time together, Billy Jackson recalls knowing it was special. “We all got along real well, it was an adventure working with Roy, then we started to click. The more we played together, the better we played, we began to think alike, and had a very good group together”. These recordings are in a groove, it’s “live”, it’s that experience that you need to participate in. Meriwether summed it up best: “It doesn’t stop, it goes all the way through to the end, it doesn’t break up. Even the drum solo, and the bass solo, being as out as it is, it’s still in the realm of the rhythm!"
A Nubian Lady 21:00
B1 15:00
B1a Here's That Rainy Day
B1b Day By Day
- B2 Me And Mrs. Jones 4:30
Bonus Lp: Side 3 Jesus Christ Superstar
C1. Jesus Christ Superstar
C2. Everything's Alright
C3. What's The Buzz
C4. The Temple
C5. I Don't Know How To Love Him
C6. Trial Before Pilot / 39 Lashes
C7. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)
C8. Crucifixion
Bonus Lp: Side 4
D1 Out Of This World 12:20
D2 Jungle Plum 10:15

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