Safety Scissors - Parts Water - 2x LP Vinyl

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Parts Water
Safety Scissors
12" Vinyl


The eagerly awaited (by us, at least) debut LP from Safety Scissors is finally here. With releases for Kit Clayton's Cytrax label, Force Tracks and Beta Bodega, Plug Research bring us 'Parts Water', a twelve track release that defines Safety Scissors' unique approach to music. From the opening, head-nod inducing bars of 'Two letter u's' you know that it's going to be something altogether different. 'A Wash' proves your suspicions right as its' muted horn signals a midtempo dubby groove full of unexpected melodies and groove changes. It's subliminal outro eases you into the vocals of 'Stormy Weather', a sparse 4/4 rhythm full of nuances that lie undetected until the second or third listen. The variety of styles covered are wide ranging and are perhaps best illustrated on 'Esperanto', it's touches of Spanish guitar and Dub are fused into a funky melange of heavy bass and Hispanic piano. The reputation he has been building over the last couple of years will no doubt spread far and wide with this album, indeed such praise is fully warranted thanks to the man's originality. By drawing elements of electronica, micro house and dub together with a healthy dose of witty lyricism and straight, dry vocals, Safety Scissors proves that the experimental needn't be the preserve of an enlightened few. This album is quite the contrary, it's accessibilty providing a veneer behind which some boundary pushing ideas lie. An uncategorisable album of extreme range and depth. Highly Recommended.

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