Shakarchi & Straneus - Steal Chickens From Men And The Future From God - 2x LP Vinyl

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Shakarchi & Straneus
Steal Chickens From Men And The Future From God
12" Vinyl


2021 repress, originally released in 2018 - 2x12" version. Shakarchi & Stranéus inhabit a secret place in the universe of music, one existing at the intersection of Scandinavian poplands, Hisingen forest raves, and outer-national placelessness. Faik Shakarchi and Daniel Stranéus famously started making beats together in the Gothenburg tapas-joint coat check where they both worked as clerks. Their now ten-year-old friendship is the story of legends, their sparse vinyl output the secret love of deep house 12" enthusiasts round the globe -- the warm, vibrant sounds found on those records are a stark contrast to the stripped-down effectiveness of their marathon DJ sets, frequently heard within the more nefarious examples of GBG nightlife. The duo has also been a part of Studio Barnhus since the very beginning, first letting the label into their strange and cozy world with the Dödskallar Och Korallrev EP in 2010, effectively turning what was then a one-release operation into a record label. The distinctive sound of that early material (described by one Discogs commenter as "enlightened, naive future dub for children") has been expanded upon and further defined on their debut album Steal Chickens From Men And The Future From God, its 12 cuts lovingly selected from a plethora of works floating in-and-out of makeshift studios from Storgatan to Gamlestan over the last seven years. The record took its final form at Nacksving, same place where recent albums from Talaboman and Kornél Kovács were sonically perfected in cahoots with mix engineer Matt Karmil. The label and the artists wish to thank Statens kulturråd for their endless patience during the creation of this masterpiece.
A1Multi Orchestral House Sound
A2Hammond Fireworks
A3Marcy Son What
B2Kungssten Bus Stop Riddim
B3Path Mountain Square
C1Waayaha Cusub
C2Jenin Grill Dreams
C3Wudzele Obeme
D1The Return Of Uncle Benon
D2K&F's Favorite
D3Wheel Of Fortune

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