Shizuo - vs Shizor - 2x LP Vinyl

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Shizuo Vs. Shizor is a bit easier to take than other Digital Hardcore groups, not because the music is any less abrasive, but because of the lack of politics, other than a vague punk nihilism on tracks like "Punks" and "Emptiness." Hammer is also a man of more diverse tastes, and he informs several tracks on his debut album with sleazy funk: "Blow Job," "Sweat" and "Blondo," which deftly apes "Heart of Glass" with panpipes. Most beneficial of all is Hammer's lack of patience with ideas; he moves from one to the other, avoiding the one-note repetition of some Digital Hardcore efforts.

A1 Sweat
A2 Punks
A3 Shizuo
A4 Braindead (Pt.1)
B1 New Kick
B2 Emptiness
B3 The Duty
B4 Sexual High
C1 Tight
C2 Blow Job
C3 Dr. LSD
D1 Crack Meets The Hammer
D2 Blondo
D3 Makin' Love
D4 Chill