Shuko & F - Cookies & Cream 3 - LP Vinyl

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Cookies & Cream 3
Shuko & F
12" Vinyl


Three is the magic Number.

The German producer Team Shuko & F. (of Audiotreats) are back with their third part of the Cookies & Cream series. After releasing the second part producer Shuko had multiple productions to catch the audience's attention.

He was by producing beats for well known rappers like Talib Kweli & Ra the Rugged Man. He also participated in production for platinum-albums of french rap crew 1995 & also Sexion D'assault, which both became No.1 in the French Charts this Summer.

He also worked on german rap-phenomenon Cro's #1 Album in Germany & co-produced a track for the newcomers of GENETIKK, who stepped on the scene of german HipHop quite recently with a #1 chart entrance. The JBG2 album of Farid Bang & Kollegah sold 80.000 units via Selfmade Records in first week in Germany, containing eight productions by Shuko on the album.

Shuko did also please his backpacker-fans by releasing his collabo with westcoast-MC Blu via JAKARTA RECORDS as a strictly limited 10inch LP. F, who is also part of the Audiotreats producer-team created beats for acts like Chima, Joy Denalane & Dendemann.

The third part of Cookies & Cream series is soulfull & eclectic as his preceding LPs & shows instrumental HipHop music as it's best & lifts German productions into the company of the worldwide beat-scene.

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