Side Effect - In Full Effect: Best of the Fantasy Years - 2x LP Vinyl

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In Full Effect: Best of the Fantasy Years
Side Effect
12" Vinyl


A long-overdue collection of work by one of the greatest funky soul groups of the 70s - the mighty mighty Side Effect, a combo who cut some killer albums for Fantasy at the end of the decade! Side Effect were unique in that they had a harmony style with its roots in jazz, yet worked in a mode that was clearly directed by the jazz funk styles of the time - particularly the funky At Home production sound of Crusaders member Wayne Henderson, who mentored the group heavily during their time at Fantasy. Together, Henderson and Side Effect crafted some really wonderful mellow soul grooves - sweet steppers with a nice midtempo bounce, and a warm feel for west coast soul. The 17 tracks on this set really represent some of the best work the group recorded at the time - all-great tracks from 4 different albums, compiled together with a good set of notes!
1. Goin' Bananas

2. Open Up Your Heart

3. There She Goes Again

4. SOS

5. Oh Baby

6. Always There

7. Finally Found Someone

8. Keep That Same Old Feeling

9. Spend It On Love

10. I Like Dreaming

11. Falling In Love Again

12. Watching Life

13. Keep On Keepin' On

14. She's A Lady

15. Never Be The Same

16. I Know You Can

17. Cloudburst

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