Skream/Benga - Bubble/Technocal - 12" Vinyl

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12" Vinyl


The Tectonic Plates series really starts rolling with this second disc from O.G Dubstep dons Skream and Benga. As far as we can tell, aside from the Magnetic Man project, the pair haven't appeared on the same 12" together since 2003's 'The Judgement' on Big Apple, so it's very interesting to compare and contrast the developments in their style as both producers have flourished into fully fledged production heroes in their own right. Skream's 'Trapped In A Dark Bubble' couldn't be considered as anything less than cutting edge dubstep. The skulking halfstep rhythm is still typically Skream, but the sound design has moved on fathoms since their Big Apple tracks, and is now primed with an electrostatic coating of blinding brilliance that reaches from the shiny high end frequencies down to the controlled pressure of his rock solid subs with a superior precision rarely touched by anyone else. While Skream has been polishing his sound into a buff instrument of power, his Dubstep bruvva-from-a-different-mother Benga has been working further into his groove, perfecting the art of swing with similarly high productions levels applied with a devilishly innate feel for kinky syncopations. His 'Technocal' cut is essentially a swung techno track produced at 138bpm, made for the rave with subtly fluctuating synth licks balanced with the accuracy and tempered energy levels of an experienced techno producer. As long as the pair keep vibing off each other and maintain the level of friendly competition they have for the last 7-8 years, they'll be churning out heavyweights like this for a time to come. Big.
A Skream - Trapped In A Dark Bubble
Written By , Producer - O. Jones*
B Benga - Technocal
Written By , Producer - B. Adejumo*