Slowmotion - Beats From Lugdunum - 12" Vinyl

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Beats From Lugdunum
12" Vinyl


Slowmotion is born from a collaboration between Hakim Murphy and Vince Noog. Noog has been rocking more on the techno tip over the years with releases on his label, but when the collaboration took place, beat-down feels appeared causing some house jams to develop. The EP is called Beats from Lugdunum, but why? Lugdunum is the old school name for Lyon and the surrounding areas, and these tunes were conceptualized, composed, and beated right there. Let's get down with the beats:

Affaire de Famille - We begin with the beatdown tempo as hihats and swirling sends start. Creating an illusion of faster tempo, the synths pulsate followed with syncopated drumming and finally an acid line hits. Head bobbing persists as the interplay between the synths is really joyful, chords ring in the background as the acid line continues to bounce. This tune is rocking the long A side.

Evasion Urbaine - Jazzy chord stabs begin as the background synth becomes all fuzzy while the percussion is all wet. The chord movement is featured throughout the tune, as the arrangement moves the chords seem to follow or maybe it is the other way around. In any case there is a bit of call and response as later the synth lines become extra fuzzy, which then leads a listener back to the chord progression.

Le Grande Saut - A kick drum thumps as hihats flange and a chord progression creeps in that leads into a wet acid line. The interplay between these three elements is very fluid. Slowed down acid makes it way through the waveforms. The feeling is warm and soft, quite the contrast from usual acid tunes. The mood continues throughout as we end with the chord tones.

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