Slug Christ - The Crucifixion Of Rapper Extraordinaire - 2x LP Vinyl

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The Crucifixion Of Rapper Extraordinaire
Slug Christ
12" Vinyl


Slug Christ is a rapper-producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. "My style is very 808 heavy. I'm very trap influenced, I'd like to consider myself doing the next version of trap music, more abstract." Trap music boasts itself as some of today's most tightly sequenced hip-hop music, but Slug Christ's loose, drug-induced delivery has helped him establish his own style within the genre. If you miss the rawness that rap feels like it's missing these days, then look no further than Slug Christ. Features appearances from Father, RichPoSlim, Lord Narf, Pyramid Quince, Stalin Majesty, and GAHM and production by Slug Christ, Ethereal, KCSB, Dexter Dukarus, Jesus, Lucifer, and GAHM. Originally released digitally in 2015. Undergrind: "Weird has become a cliche in hip-hop as of late, with spacey oddballs popping up all over the place. However, with Slug Christ, weird is truly an artform. As a member of Atlanta's Awful rap collective, Slugger has become one of the hottest young hip-hop artists by opening his consciousness and releasing it onto the track for thousands to hear." "As twisted as most of the members are from the diverse Atlanta crew that is Awful, Slug Christ is easily among its weirdest. And perhaps its most polarizing, too (alongside producer GAHM). His lackadaisical delivery registers close to the woozy rhyme schemes of fellow Awful member Ethereal (who produces Track 3), but Slug's more about impressionistic channelings of his 'fourth-dimensional' self, wrapped here in his own mythological crucifixion. In fact, his crucifixion ('Crucifixion Day') is produced by Lucifer himself (Jesus produces its previous track, 'Wanderer'), who together turn in one of the most epic, experimental rap tracks in recent memory. And it just gets more bizarre from there. Cameos by fellow Awful members Father, Lord Nard and Pyramid Quince top this fantastic release." The Spectrum: "In fact, it wouldn't far-fetched to state that Slug Christ is a pop artist who takes the sounds of mainstream hip-hop and reinvents them in his own unsettling, but enlightening way." Classic Entourage Magazine: "Music Heads: Slug Christ is SWAG's savior. Slug Christ is an artist booming onto the underground trap music scene. He is signed to Awful Records and performed at SXSW where he produced a killer set."
A1 Judas Is The Feds (Judas Betrays Slug Christ) 0:16
A2 You With Them (prod. Slugger) 02:37
A3 Fuck This Money (prod. Ethereal) 02:56
A4 They Ask Me (prod. Kcsb) 02:53
A5 I'm The Ocean (prod. Slugger) 02:48
B1 Hokay Hokay Hokay (prod. Dexter Dukarus) 02:55
B2 Save Me Ft. Father (prod. Slugger) 05:20
B3 Wanderer Ft. Richposlim (prod. Jesus) 03:58
C1 Crucifixion Day (prod. Lucifer) 05:49
C2 Criminal Ft. Lord Narf & Pyamid Quince (prod. Slugger) 04:12
C3 Roley Roley (prod. Slugger) 03:32
D1 She Loves You But... Ft. Stalin Majesty (prod. Slugger)
D2 Holy Descent To Hell Ft. Gahm (prod. Gahm) 05:29
D3 Die Before The End (prod. Slugger) 03:01