Snowgoons - Black Snow 2 - 2x LP Vinyl

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Black Snow 2
12" Vinyl
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The Snowgoons are Hip Hop producers based in Europe. The Goons consisting of, DJ Illegal, Det Gunner, Sicknature & J.S. Kuster already released more then 5 albums that feature a veritable who's who of today's underground elite. In 2011 Snowgoons collaborated with legendary New York duo M.O.P. to release the album "Sparta".

Throughout the years, the buzz surrounding the Snowgoons has steadily escalated as their gritty, authentic and eclectic beats have gained recognition in both the US as well as within the burgeoning European Hip Hop scene. DJ Illegal & Sicknature also represent the Snowgoons live show and are killing stages from Europe to U.S.A. and Canada with artists like M.O.P., La Coka Nostra, Jedi Mind Tricks, Onyx, Sabac Red and many others.

Black Snow from 2008 is the most famous Snowgoons album and with the sequel Black Snow 2 the Snowgoons want to continue there legacy of hard hitting beats with top notch features and lyrics. All the right ingredients was brought together to top the 2008 release. The Snowgoons fans appreciate there fact that the Goons live up to there slogan: We Keep Hip Hop Alive.

A1 This Is Goons Shit
A2 Black Snow 2
A3 Suckaz Behind Screens
A4 Make Or Break
A5 Party Crashers
B1 Walk The Streets
B2 Live Your Life
B3 The Hatred 2
B4 One Thing I Know
B5 I Walk Alone
B6 Still Real & Raw
C1 Nuclear Winter
C2 Do U Bac Down
C3 Fast Food Nation
C4 Iron Bars
C5 The Code
D1 The Real Talk
D2 Guillotine Rap
D3 Click Clack
D4 Dizzy Dreams
D5 Reel Wolf Presents - The Underworld (Goon MuSick Remix)