Sonny Rollins - The Bridge - LP Vinyl

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The Bridge
Sonny Rollins
12" Vinyl


Rollins makes a shattering return from sabbatical. He's jointed by the youthful Jim Hall, who makes a great partner. Symbolism and reality are often interfused. So it is with the title of this album, for The Bridge has many meanings in the life of Sonny Rollins. They range from the mistily symbolic to the total reality of one specific bridge, a 1,600-foot span over the East River connecting the New York boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, Musically, the album is a bridge between the Sonny Rollins who rose quickly to a position of top rank among the saxophonist of the post-bop era of modern jazz development in the 50s, and the Sonny Rollins-to-be of the 60s. This is no idle puffing-up of this album's significance, for it bridges a very real gap -- over two years during which Sonny stopped appearing in public in order to study, try out ideas, and take the time to think about himself, his music, and the environment in which he played and lived. This album is not only of historic moment, but also a superlative example of why the many gifts of Sonny Rollins -- his firm roots, present accomplishment, and concentration on the future -- are his strongest musical characteristics. Thus this album is not only a bright bridge from Sonny's past to the present, but a certain promise for the future as well.

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