Sps/X:144 - Second Place Sucks Vol 1 - 12" Vinyl

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Second Place Sucks Vol 1
12" Vinyl


Artist Information

X:144 - Emcee / Producer / Lyricist / MPC Purist /Engineer
SPS - Turntablist / DJ / Producer / MPC Purist

Choice of weapons: 2 turntables and breath control.
Defense Strategy: To loop revolution's message of peace, love and harmony
over tons of vinyl from mom's record collection to whatever else is funky,
then call it hip hop.

X:144 and SPS constantly takes listeners on journeys of self-discovery and
attempts to ignite a true passion for hip hop in the souls of music lovers
everywhere in the world. As a child of New York where hip was born, X:144
found his roots deeply planted within the art of storytelling at numerous
open mic nights and between pages of college-ruled notebook paper. SPS saw
tiny reflections of his influences like Jam Master Jay, The Colon Brothers
and Grand Master Flash burst through the tips of his 16 year old fingers at
a local youth center in Berlin Germany back in the 90's and now has finely
tuned his craft in turntablism where he has created his own special sound.
Alone, they are threat but when on stage together they become lethal. In
2005 X:144 and SPS decided to join forces and take the world on in the all
Nonsense approach.

Between X:144 and SPS the two of them have a list of accomplishments such as SPS' win as the 2005 DMC SouthEast Regional Champion. Where
X:144 has been awarded as Orlando Music Awards best hip hop solo and
producer of the year in 2003. They have also performed with the masters of
the game such as KRS-One, De La Soul, and Sage Francis.

The new generation of hip hop has been waiting for a breathtaking and life
altering combination such as this. X:144 and SPS have been ready and
holding the match. Now it's their time to set the world on fire!