Strategy - Dub Mind Paradigm - LP Vinyl

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Dub Mind Paradigm
12" Vinyl


NOTE: jacket has one lightly dented corner but VINYL IS MINT & UNPLAYED

Limited to 700 vinyl LPs - no repress, no digital. Paul Dickow AKA Strategy is a musical polymath with a signature sound derived from his immersion in hardware-based electronic music. He has spent close to two decades traveling freely through house, techno, rave, noise, ambient, and sounds more difficult to categorize. Strategy’s sound is inimitable because it is literally built by hand - his hands. Through all of this sonic journeying, including multiple full length releases, a constant has been his love of reggae and dub, yet somehow a proper dub album has never emerged - until now.

After two much-loved 7” singles on ZamZam - to say nothing of dubwise excursions on Idle Hands, Shockout, Peak Oil, 100% Silk and more - “Dub Mind Paradigm” is the fulfillment of a clear, simple goal. "I set out to make a full set of dub tracks good enough to make an album -- something that had always eluded me-- and it worked, finally. A simple exercise in seeing if we could launch the capsule to orbit Planet Reggae and make it home again.”

Reaching Planet Reggae, the album explores analog caverns of dubwise at all tempos, from the 80s to 140, full of the ghosts of ancient and future technologies, glimmering shards of hope among heaps of folly, ruin and rubble. Music fans with crates deeper than the contemporary will find shades of Wackies, Firehouse, Unity Sound, Burial Mix and more, but only winks and nods… no one sounds like Strategy, and Strategy sounds like no one.
A1Cloaking Device Dub
A2Horizontal Dub
A3Downtown Dub
A4Deposed Tyrant Dub
B1Speaking Dub To Power
B2Shaking The Dub
B3Sisyphus Dub
B4Lone Wolf And Dub

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