Sun Ra - Singles Vol. 1: The Definite 45's Collection 1952-1961 - 3x LP Vinyl

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Singles Vol. 1: The Definite 45's Collection 1952-1961
Sun Ra
12" Vinyl


Strut present the definitive collection of singles released by Sun Ra across his illustrious career, spanning 1952 to 1991. Released prolifically during the 1950s and more sporadically thereafter, primarily on the Saturn label, the 45s offer one-off meteorites from Ra’s prolific cosmic journey, tracing the development of his forwardthinking “Space-Bop” and his unique take on jazz and blues traditions. The collection is hugely varied, ranging from Ra’s spoken word recitations and his early work with Chicago vocal groups to the different phases of his Arkestra, small group and duet recordings.

The singles are also unpredictable vehicles for Ra’s music, combining different tracks from different sessions and occasionally making available music which was recorded many years beforehand. As with his LPs, most 45s were only pressed in small runs and have since become extremely rare and sought after. Only a small handful of copies of ‘Love In Outer Space’ b/w ‘Mayan Temple’ and ‘The Blue One’ b/w ‘Orbitration In Blue’ have ever been seen; some have only been discovered in physical form in recent years; some were planned and pencilled but allegedly never made it to vinyl (including ‘Saturn’ and ‘Velvet’ from the Jazz In Silhouette LP) and some appeared as limited one-off magazine singles and posthumous releases, including ‘Hell #1’ aka ‘Out There A Minute’. The set is the most comprehensive collection of Ra’s singles to date.

Sleeve note writers Francis Gooding and Paul Griffiths brilliantly illustrate the role of the single within Ra’s career and break down each release with detailed track by track notes. Working with Sun Ra LLC and Sun Ra archivist Michael D. Anderson, Strut has also assembled the best possible master sources for each track. ‘Singles’ will be released in various formats across two release dates. All formats feature fully remastered tracks, rare photos, original 45 artwork, Francis Gooding’s extensive sleeve notes, an interview with Saturn Records founder Alton Abraham by John Corbett and detailed track by track and session notes by Paul Griffiths.
A1Sun Ra - I Am An Instrument
A2Sun Ra - I Am Strange
A3Sun Ra - Chicago Usa (With Nu Sounds)
A4Sun Ra & The Nu Sounds - Spaceship Lullaby
A5The Cosmic Rays - Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie (With Sun Ra & Arkestra)
A6The Nu Sounds - A Foggy Day (With Sun Ra & Arkestra)
A7Billie Hawkins - I'm Coming Home (With Sun-Ra & His Orchestra)
A8Billie Hawkins - Last Call For Love (With Sun-Ra & His Orchestra)
B1Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Soft Talk
B2Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Super Blonde
B3Le Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Saturn
B4Le Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Call For All Demons
B5Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Demon's Lullaby
B6Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Supersonic Jazz
C1Le Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Medicine For A Nightmare
C2Le Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Urnack
C3The Qualities - It's Christmas Time
C4The Qualities - Happy New Year To You!
C5Yochanan (The Space Age Vocalist) - M Uck M Uck (Matt Matt)
C6Yochanan (The Space Age Vocalist) - Hot Skillet Moma
D1Sun Ra & His Arkestra & The Cosmic Rays - Bye Bye
D2Sun Ra & His Arkestra & The Cosmic Rays - Somebody's In Love
D3The Cosmic Rays - Dreaming (With Sun Ra & Arkestra)
D4Sun Ra & The Cosmic Rays - Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie
D5Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra - October
E1Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra - Adventure In Space
E2Sun Ra & His Arkestra & The Cosmic Rays - Hours After
E3Sun Ra & His Arkestra & The Cosmic Rays - Great Balls Of Fire
E4Hattye Randolph - Round Midnight (With Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra)
E5Hattye Randolph - Back In Your Own Back Yard (With Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity
F1Le Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Saturn
F2Le Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Velvet
F3Yochanan With Sun Ra & His Arkestra - The Sun One
F4Yochanan With Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Message To Earthman
F5Yochanan With Sun Ra & His Arkestra - The Sun Man Speaks