Sweatson Klank - Super Natural Delight - LP Vinyl

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Sweatson Klank
Super Natural Delight
12" Vinyl


Sweatson Klank grew up on heartfelt songs and soulful grooves, collecting mountains of records in the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. His love for music was formed while drenched in the warmth of the LA sun and honesty of the 70's and 80’s artists he idolized. It’s only natural that now, in a world consumed and hypnotized by technology, he presents 'Super Natural Delights,’ a powerfully stripped down, soulful sound that slyly nods to its listener and says "step back and reconnect.”

As the title alludes to "Super Natural Delights" veers away from the “future bass” tag and dives head first into the textural balance between real instrumentation and electronic enhancement. Here the multi-instrumentalist and producer plays guitars, bass, horns, flutes, and vibraphone, alongside analog synthesizers, drum machines and samples, forming a feel good record that pays homage to the past while pushing vibes forward.

Songs like "Brilliant Blue" and "Moving Inward” breath fresh air into classic hip hop tropes, while the boogie inspired "What a Night" bounces to a standout baseline accompanied by flutes and a Doo-Wop quartet that lands him somewhere undefinable, but distinctly left coast. "Low Moon" pays homage to the sound of West Coast funk with heavy Mini Moog driven groove reminiscent of DJ Quik and the West Coast legends who have inspired generations of music heads. On "Italian Afternoons" we get whisked away into a lazy jazz inspired haze of gentle pianos and guitars as the sun sets on a small Italian coastal village. The record ends with "Ubiquitous" a 5 minute plus, dance floor banger that channels the disco funk fusion of Roy Ayers and the countless other records from the era.

For Sweatson Klank this began in the late 90's with hip hop beats and grew into the now world renowned LA beat-scene alongside contemporaries like Flying Lotus, Ras G, Teebs, Dibiase and all of those who passed through the legendary Sketchbook and Low End Theory club nights. 'Super Natural Delights" feels like a culmination of years of honing ones craft, and it proudly states: “I’m Home!”
1. Relax For A Living 02:39
2. Walking On Air 03:35
3. What A Night 04:34
4. Brilliant Blue 03:41
5. Island Life Calling 03:24
6. Low Moon 03:30
7. With Respect 03:13
8. Italian Afternoons 03:48
9. Fat Cookie 03:31
10. Moving Inward 03:20
11. Bananas In The Canyon 03:05
12. Ubiquitous 05:26