Syl Johnson - Complete Mythology - 6x LP Vinyl Box Set

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Syl Johnson
Complete Mythology
Box Set


Joining Otis, Wilson, and Percy, plus both Sam and Dave, is a new deity in the eternal soul pantheon. Take it from Syl Johnson himself: “This box set is the history of a masterful artist whose time has just arrived.” The self-proclaimed “most sampled artist ever,” Syl finally gets his due on this 4CD+6LP box covering his most productive period, 1959 through 1972. Collected for the first time are all of Syl’s Federal, Twinight, Zachron, Special Agent, Cha Cha, and TMP-Ting 45s, plus period cuts from his Japan-only LP Goodie Goodie Good Times, and a murderer’s grip of previously unreleased and little-heard out-takes. Lovingly remastered from the original source tapes, these 81 songs never sounded sharper, clearer, or funkier. And historian Bill Dahl’s comprehensive track-by-track annotations bring deep-research backstory to every one.

Our handsomely detailed and artfully crafted 40 page, 12” x 12” booklet also features a 13,000-word biography, scores of unpublished photos, a must-read index covering the history of every Syl-sampling artist (paid-up or otherwise), and the most complete and accurate discography you’re likely to find in this universe. Packaged to deliver top-quality vinyl and CDs together, along with replica LP pressings of both the original Is It Because I’m Black and Dresses Too Short albums, Complete Mythology, five years in the making, makes up for every lost nanosecond by being the definitive Syl Johnson docu
My Gift
A2They Who Love
A3I've Got Love
A4Lonely Man
A5I Need Love
A6His Gift
A7I've Got To Find My Baby
B1She's So Fine - I Just Gotta Meake Her Mine
B2Little Sally Walker
B3I Resign From Your Love
B4I Wanna Know
B5Well Oh Well
B6Please, Please, Please
B7I'm Looking For My Baby
Do You Know What Soul Is?
C1She's Alright
C2I Know
C3A Half Love
C4I've Been Talked About
C5This Heart Of Mine
C6Falling In Love Again
C7I've Got To Get Over
D1Strait Love, No Chaser
D3Half A Love
D4Do You Know What Love Is
D5The Love I Found In You
D6Do You Know What Love Is
D7Things Ain't Right
Dresses Too Short
E1Dresses Too Short
E2I Can Take Care Of Business
E3Different Strokes
E4Soul Dippin'
E5Fox Hunting On The Weekend
E6Ode To A Soul Man
F1Come On Sock It To Me
F2I'll Take Those Skinny Legs
F3Try Me
F4Same Kind Of Thing
F5I've Got The Real Thing
F6Sorry 'Bout Dat!
F7Soul Strokes
My Funky Funky Band
G1Send Me Some Lovin'
G2Try Me
G3I Feel An Urge
G4I Resign
G5Love Condition
G6Going To The Shack
G7Don't Give It Away
H1My Funky Band
H2Sockin' Soul Power
H3Double Whammy
H4Take Me Back
H5I Take Care Of Homework
H6Let Then Hang High
Is It Because I'm Black
I1Is It Because I'm Black
I2Come Together
I3Together Forever
I4Everybody Needs Love
I5Soul Heaven
J1Concrete Reservation
J2Black Balloons
J3Walk A Mile In My Shoes
J4I'm Talking 'Bout Freedom
J5Right On
We Do It Together
K1One Way Ticket To Nowhere
K2Kiss By Kiss
K3Thank You Baby
K4We Do It Together
K5Try My Love
K6That's Why
K7Get Ready
K8The Way You Do The Things You Do
L1Annie Got Hot Pants Power
L2Wouldn't Change My Lady
L3All I Need Is Someone Like You
L4Let's Start All Over Again
L5Hot Pants Lady
L6Wiggle In Your Hips
L7Your Love Is Good For Me
L8Trying To Get You
CD1-2They Who Love
CD1-3I've Got Love
CD1-4Lonely Man
CD1-5I Need Love
CD1-6His Gift
CD1-7I've Got To Find My Baby
CD1-8She's So Fine - I Just Gotta Meake Her Mine
CD1-9Little Sally Walker
CD1-10I Resign From Your Love
CD1-11I Wanna Know
CD1-12Well Oh Well
CD1-13Please, Please, Please
CD1-14I'm Looking For My Baby
CD1-15She's Alright
CD1-16I Know
CD1-17A Half Love
CD1-18I've Been Talked About
CD1-19This Heart Of Mine
CD2-1Falling In Love Again
CD2-2I've Got To Get Over
CD2-3Strait Love, No Chaser
CD2-5Try Me
CD2-6Half A Love
CD2-7Do You Know What Love Is
CD2-8The Love I Found In You
CD2-9Do You Know What Love Is
CD2-10Things Ain't Right
CD2-11Come On Sock It To Me
CD2-12Different Strokes
CD2-13Sorry 'Bout Dat
CD2-14Ode To Soul Man
CD2-15I'll Take These Skinny Legs
CD2-16Send Me Some Lovin'
CD2-17Soul Drippin'
CD2-18Fox Hunting On The Weekend
CD2-19Try Me
CD2-20I Feel An Urge
CD2-21I Resign
CD2-22Love Condition
CD3-1My Family Bond
CD3-2Sockin' Soul Power
CD3-3Double Whammy
CD3-4Dresses Too Short
CD3-5I Can Take Care Of Business
CD3-6Same Kind Of Thing
CD3-7I've Got The Real Thing
CD3-8Take Me Back
CD3-9I Take Care Of Homework
CD3-10Let Then Hang High
CD3-11Don't Give It Away
CD3-12Going To The Shack
CD3-13Is It Because I'm Black
CD3-14Concrete Reservation
CD3-15Together Forever
CD3-16Come Together
CD3-17Black Balloons
CD3-18Walk A Mile In My Shoes
CD3-19I'm Talking 'Bout Freedom
CD3-20Right On
CD3-21Everybody Needs Love
CD4-01One Way Ticket To Nowhere
CD4-2Kiss By Kiss
CD4-3Thank You Baby
CD4-4We Do It Together
CD4-5Try My Love
CD4-6That's Why
CD4-7Get Ready
CD4-8The Way You Do The Things You Do
CD4-9Annie Got Hot Pants Power
CD4-10Wouldn't Change My Lady
CD4-11All I Need Is Someone Like You
CD4-12Let's Start All Over Again
CD4-13Hot Pants Lady
CD4-14Wiggle Your Hips
CD4-15Your Love Is Good For Me
CD4-16Trying To Get To You
CD4-17Soul Strokes
CD4-18Annie Got Hot Pants Power Part 2
CD4-19Soul Heaven