Syl Kougai - ΙΧΘΥΣ - 2x LP Vinyl

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Syl Kougai
12" Vinyl
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Sick new idm album, originally released on Hymen on CD in 2015. RIYL: Autechre, Funckarma, Phoenecia, Second Woman, etc

ΧΘΥΣ is the third full studio album from the french electronic music composer Syl Kougaï, on which he uses his unique brand of synthetic sounds interacting with acoustic recordings. he expands the borders of these two universes and develops imaginary instruments, driving classical playing techniques towards unexpected mechano-acoustic reactions. his artistic approach consists of combining most different methods of construction, from note by note writing on a software sequencer and editing audio recordings to development of modular patches and using a hardware step by step sequencer. Syl Kougaï conducts his instrumentarium with ingenuity and passion to create his very own sound spectrum. each track on this album, by its meticulously built classical structure, may become a closed universe, a story in its own right with a beginning and an end. however, in its entirety, these stories build the chapters of a broader narrative set, a sort of mystical epic - a journey guided by reminiscent passages leading the listener on the path to transcendence. in a constant process of modification and permutation, abstract avantgarde electronics are presented independently as well as in combination with manifold sequenced beats, crossing the borders between the apollonian and the dionysian. ΙΧΘΥΣ is intense, with crystal clear production, rich and varied compositions where several types of sounds and styles are put together to create a particularly unique mood. the deeper you fall into Syl Kougaïs aural universe, the more will be found to be discovered.

1 Corvus 8:30
2 Picker Amalthee 0:58
3 Opale Verniss 5:17
4 Ousia 4:34
5 Ether 7:30
6 Alpha&Omega 10:39
7 Pisces 8:34
8 Parousia 4:12
9 Ethyle 3:57
10 Picker Aigis 11:39
11 L’ecarlate 3:48
12 Alleluia 5:24