Terre Thaemlitz - Deproduction Ep1 - 12" Vinyl

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Terre Thaemlitz
Deproduction Ep1
12" Vinyl


Terre Thaemlitz presents an exclusive vinyl edit of "Names Have Been Changed" taken from the epic Deproduction album (2017), backed with the incredible "House Arrest" mix as DJ Sprinkles. Asking pertinent questions about the hypocritical nature of relations between LGBT agendas and western humanist notions of the nuclear family, Terre's Deproduction sensitively yet unflinchingly broaches topics usually considered taboo by a mainstream who is all too happy to pick and choose parts of radical, fringe culture to fetishize, while swerving the bigger questions proposed by those niches. In the vinyl edit of "Names Have Been Changed", exclusive to this LP, Terre contracts the original, 43-minute blend of strings and unsettling scenes of domestic violence into a 17-minute version, beautifully suspended in the cut at 45rpm in order to best represent the work's unique democracy of frequency -- from the muffled row heard next door, to its hyper-realistic avian chirrups and modestly spare, foregrounded strings. On the B-side's 10-minute "House Arrest" mix Terre's ideas feel even more radical when juxtaposed with a sublime deep house production, placing them in context of what was and still can be a radical artform when done with insight and consideration. The result is one of this decade's most sublime yet unsettling house tracks, bar none. Mastered by Terre Thaemlitz, cut at Dubplates & Mastering.
ANames Have Been Changed (Vinyl Edit)17:36
BNames Have Been Changed (Sprinkles’ House Arrest)10:41

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