Textual - Something So Personal - 7" Vinyl

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Something So Personal
7" Vinyl


This release marks the first revisit to the vinyl format for Textual in about 6 years. Over the last 4 years or so I have been moving away from beatmaking on the computer and into more ambient live or improvised musics using looping pedals and home built synthesizers. Electronics has become a major passion of mine and I have definitely spent a lot of time building machines that can make new or different sounds as well as making freer or loose sounding recordings for self releases. The release of this 7" marks a continuation of that time prior to getting away from the beat making and computer music writing.

`Something So Personal' is a track from a larger collection of tunes similar in style, all which had my friend Rain singing on them. When I was living in Gainesville FL circa 2005, Rain and I were collaborating quite a bit and there are scores of `unfinished' tracks to show for, unfortunately they all lie in the demos section of my computer and are largely unfinished or merely sketches (and likely will remain this way). We were playing these songs out live throughout 05-06' as I was attempting to make a band from these collaborations. Alas I was never satisfied with much of the output in live or recorded format and trying to be a band leader amongst many different schedules led to the dismantling of sorts of the `band' form of Textual. This track is the most finished and stable of the songs we were doing and I am glad it is now available, especially in the vinyl format.
What is False Can Now be True, was a song originally released on Organik as part of the LP/CD `Dirty South Still Life'. The remix on side B of this 7" was done by Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum. Travis and I have known each other for some years from our Florida days. I have always appreciated his music making capabilities and his `digital' style.. He has a way with sounds for sure. I don't know if there could have been a more fitting candidate for a remix of this tune than he.

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