The 45 King - Cat Jams - 12" Vinyl

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If there ever was a producer who truly transcended time periods and blazed trails, it was DJ Mark The 45 King. Starting out in the most modest of situations, The 45 King began his beatmaking using a tedious technique of cutting and splicing tape reels, as well as 45 RPM records. Known for his work with hip-hop heavyweights like Ed Lover, The X-Clan, Gangstarr, Common, PMD, King Sun, Jay-Z, Eminem and of course The Flavor Unit, Mark has been digging up some of the most famous and most frequently used breaks for over 20 years. The New Jersey native first gained noteriety by putting together "The 900 Number" in 1987 for Ed Lover's dance theme song and the Movie Bring It On. He's one of the people responsible for first bringing Queen Latifah and Lakim Shabazz on the scene thru The Flavor Unit and yet, most of the kids nowadays just woulden't know who he is. Downright shameful. The man is a bonafide legend and deserves the ultimate in respect. His production has managed to stay relevant over the years to the true heads who check the liner notes and credits; producing new stuff for Lakim, as well as producing the Megahits "Stan" for Eminem and "Hard Knock Life" for Jay-Z. As a producer myself, I have always looked up to him, and admittedly I'm not up on all of his stuff, but quite a bit of it I was fortunate enough to get my hands on or hear through friends. So in that spirit of trying to bring something new to peeps who are loosely aware of The 45 King's greatness, I give you "The Cat Jams". It's a pretty ill compilation of newer material that Mark decided to drop on his usual home Tuff City records in 2005. Containing some updated stuff from Flavor Unit members Lakim Shabazz and Double J and a heap of new beats this is a great look for any 45 King fan, or someone looking to get into some of his instrumentals and The Flavor Unit. While Mark has opted to maintain a somewhat low-key lifestyle, there have been rumors swirling that he's getting a new solo MC compilation album ready and shopping for a label to drop it on. Something that I personally and sincerely hope happens. Until that time we all are blessed with "The Cat Jams".

A1 Flow Motion
Rap [Featuring] - Lakim Shabazz
A2 Go Off Roc
Rap [Featuring] - Chill Rob G
A3 Taking Them Back
Rap [Featuring] - Chill Rob G
A4 Really Don't Want It
Rap [Featuring] - Lakim Shabazz
A5 Big Ballers
Rap [Featuring] - Double J (2)
A6 Still The One
Rap [Featuring] - Big Poo , Champaign*
A7 Jaguar Jam
A8 Lion's Lounge
A9 Puma Prowl
A10 Lynx Labyrinth
B1 Flow Motion (Instrumental)
B2 Go Off Roc (Instrumental)
B3 Taking Them Back (Instrumental)
B4 Really Don't Want It (Instrumental)
B5 Big Ballers (Instrumental)
B6 Tiger's Tale
B7 Cougar Creep
B8 Panther Pounce
B9 Wildcat Walk
B10 Ocelot's Orchestra

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