The Allergies - Let Them Know - 7" Vinyl

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The Allergies
Let Them Know
7" Vinyl


The Allergies return with another criminally good record in the shape of 'Let Them Know'. Featuring the legendary party starters The Cuban Brothers on vocals, this sizzling slice of sunshine on wax builds to the kind of full-on carnival atmosphere we've all been wishing for right now.

It's a match made in heaven as Bristol's finest serve up a hotbed of big hip-hop drums, huge funky horns, and a fat dollop of dynamite boogaloo rhythms. The perfect backdrop, then, for Los Hermanos Cubanos to bust sick rhymes and sweet harmonies over. Allow it! The track is bursting with fun-loving lyrical flavour and a massively catchy chorus, and hopes to be the perfect party pick me up for anyone labouring under grey skies right now. 'Let Them Know' is the latest single release in the lead-up to The Allergies' album, Say The Word, and a great indicator of the slick production, sweet collaborations, and feel good vibes that run through each and every track on there.

This 7" vinyl single comes backed with 'Lightning In A Bottle', a wax-only hip-hop club rocker featuring Andy Cooper (Ugly Duckling). And is The Allergies little bonus B-side beat for all you 45 slinging DJs out there, to say thanks for the support. Yes, friends!
ALet Them Know
BLightning In A Bottle

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