The Automatics Group - Summer Mix - 2x LP Vinyl

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Summer Mix
The Automatics Group
12" Vinyl


Slight wear on spine in the title.

The Death of Rave presents a much-needed vinyl version of one of this decade's most uncanny pieces of computer music: Theo Burt's dance-pop deconstruction, Summer Mix. First issued as a limited CD edition by Entr'acte in 2011, it's become a bit of an iconic piece, presenting a non-trivial nostalgia trip that somehow sounds like a digitally diffused take on Gas, Basic Channel or Ross 154. It was created by applying a complex mathematical process known as a discrete Fourier transform upon a number of late '90s and '00s dance anthems, effectively sieving their contents before phase-resetting the data and discarding half of the information, with the surviving sounds subsequently organized in order of similarity. What's left is a haunting spectral impression: smeared traces of cloud-busted melody and motorik rhythm skeletons; rending anthemic metaphysics as a sublime murmuration of intangible memories, perhaps even simulating the effect of an MDMA-induced cultural amnesia. Due to the inherent frequency limitations of vinyl, the timbral thizz of the high-end sounds subtly altered on this version, with pulses pronounced just enough for adventurous DJs. The double LP also features the bonus of a pre-installed 33rpm version if you really want to break it down. While rooted in academic research, it's a transcendent and strangely emotive piece of work, and should serve as a fine introduction to Burt's music, a fascinating cultural arfifact, and a beautifully trippy listen. Created from tracks by Swedish House Mafia, PJ feat. Velvet, Roll Deep, Paul van Dyk, Deepest Blue, Supermode, Deadmau5, Mason Vs. Princess Superstar, Riva Starr, Sash!, Motorcycle, 4 Strings, PPK, DHT, Tiësto, Sonique, Grace, Gouryella, Roger Sanchez, and Eric Prydz.

A1 Swedish House Mafia/PJ Feat. Velvet/Roll Deep/Paul Van Dyk/Deepest Blue/Supermode 14:28
B1 Deadmau5/Mason Vs. Princess Superstar/Riva Starr/Sash!/Motorcycle/4 Strings/PPK/DHT/Tiësto [Part 1] 11:00
C1 Deadmau5/Mason Vs. Princess Superstar/Riva Starr/Sash!/Motorcycle/4 Strings/PPK/DHT/Tiësto [Part 2] 10:59
D1 Sonique/Grace/Gouryella/Roger Sanchez/Eric Prydz 11:14