The Bush Chemists - Light Up Your Spliff - LP Vinyl

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Light Up Your Spliff
The Bush Chemists
12" Vinyl


Music Mania and Indica Dubs is proud to present the third release in their Mania Dub series. Following the classic Almighty Dub (MANIADUB 001EP) and Rastafari comes another of the UK Dub scene's most renowned producers; The Bush Chemists, with one of their most popular anthems from 1996: Light Up Your Spliff.

Douglas Wardrop began creating music using a 4-track recorded in 1989, before forming The Bush Chemists in 1993 with Paul Davey and Culture Freeman. "The idea for it came from me getting a sampler and trying to sample a documentary where the guy in the document was DJing/chanting 'light up ya spliff light up ya chalice' but it couldn't fit so I got Freeman to do it." The title track "Light Up Your Spliff" has broken into the commercial world and has been used by many leading companies for their commercials, most recently by Supreme, known worldwide known for skating and clothing.

The rest of the LP consists of vocal tracks followed by instrumental tracks, these are the leading tracks which shaped the UK dub scene into what it is today. The master tracks have been provided by Douglas Wardrop to endure the original sound. Beware: loaded with heavyweight roaring basslines, unstoppable echoes, mystical reverbs, and phasers. All special dub effects that will make you get up and dance.
A1Light Up Your Spliff
A2Bush Chemist Country
A3Dub Until Dawn
A4Firing Dub
A5Help Us Dub
B1Time Of Tribulation
B2Mount Zion I
B3Speak The Truth
B4Cymbal Rock
B5Earths Rightfull Ruler

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