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The Go Find
12" Vinyl


The go find, Morr Music's latest signing, is a one-man band from Antwerp, Belgium. The face and the voice behind it belong to 28 year old Dieter Sermeus. Having spent many years playing in various indie-pop bands and eventually supporting many of his heroes (Pavement, Stereolab, Seam, Unwound ..), Dieter eventually settled down 3 years ago and started laying down tracks with a more electronic feel. It wasn't until he hooked up with Morr Music's other Belgian hero Styrofoam, however, that the signature Go-Find sound shaped itself to the oddly euphoric laptop-augmented guitar pop that presents itself to us today. "Miami" is an exuberant, almost extrovert record, turning inside-out Styrofoam's introspective folk modulations into a collection of anthemic sketches for a generation looking for indie-pop music that goes beyond the constraints of guitar, bass and drums. These are catchy, yet sometimes melancholic songs that bypass the brain and head straight for the heart. It's a sound that brings to mind the bitter-sweetness of The Postal Service on the one hand, and the subtle glow The Notwist on the other. According to Dieter, the perfect place to listen to his music is in a car, driving by night. Not too special a place, you might think, but for Dieter it has to be a 1975 Lada. In case you don't own a car like this, you should try to catch the go find live on stage as soon as possible - because that is where Dieter really belongs - or invite some friends over for an improvised Go Find karaoke party in your kitchen. Either way, this is a gorgeous little pop album from another choice signing for Morr Music. Recommended.
Over The Edge 4:18
Summer Quest 5:00
City Dreamer 2:54
What I Want 3:45
Sky Window 4:12
Bleeding Heart 3:54
Modern Times 2:58
The Party 2:11
Igloo 3:36
Blisters On My Thumb 3:52