The Go Find - Stars on the Wall - 12" Vinyl

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Stars on the Wall
The Go Find
12" Vinyl


You know when the sun comes out the world changes that little bit for the better - in England admittedly we have to wait a little longer and maybe we don't get quite as much as most of the rest of the world, but we know how to use our sun wisely. Pimms, cricket, scantily clad ladies - and as I sit here I can see that fiery golden ball peering over the buildings ahead and it makes me smile. Which gets us to the Go Find, as to be quite honest I couldn't think of a more perfect record to herald the coming of British Summer Time. Some of you may remember Dieter Sermeus's first record under his Go Find moniker, 'Miami' was a perfectly constructed collection of bedroom pop, as melancholic as it was upbeat - but this time around Sermeus has gone for something a little larger in scale. 'Stars on the Wall' sees the Belgian musician team up with some friends to form the Go Find band, and as such the record is bigger in every sense, clearly giving Sermeus the confidence he needed in his songwriting as the songs themselves are bolder and even more whimsical than before. Taking cues from classic indie pop such as Teenage Fanclub or The Wedding Present, the album manages somehow to sound effortlessly optimistic, reminiscent of those teenage summers where nothing could possibly go wrong, but retains a sense of melancholy that rewards careful listening. This is without a doubt a pop album, but it's great pop, the kind of pop that has you literally desperate to hear it again and again, listening carefully to the lyrics and getting excited at its very mention. Just listen to 'New Year' which in my opinion should be played on just about every radio station right now, it's just what indie pop was always about and adds just enough electronic elements to set it apart from the crowd - a simple song structure, sing-along chorus but a dark heart. Elsewhere 'Adrenaline' would give The Postal Service a run for their money and with 'Downtown' Sermeus manages to beat Sufjan Stevens at his own game, but where 'Stars on the Wall' really comes into its own is in the fact that there's simply no filler. At an economic 42 minutes in length it's an album of great tracks from beginning to end, and for a pop album this is almost unheard of. One of the finest additions to the Morr Music catalogue for a while, this should appeal to fans of Styrofoam, Lali Puna and Radical Face, but you should know that Dieter Sermeus has a sound all of his very own. Buy yourself a sun hat, you're gonna need it.

Beautiful Night 1:53
Dictionary 4:03
New Year 3:11
Adrenaline 4:34
Downtown 2:52
Ice Cold Ice 5:15
25 Years 4:00
Monday Morning 2:40
We Don't Wanna 2:44
Everything Is Low 5:57
Kid OK 4:51