The Grouch - Making Perfect Sense - 2x LP Colored Vinyl

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Making Perfect Sense
The Grouch
12" Vinyl


Limited edition of 500 copies on blue colored 2LP vinyl. The Grouch's fifth album from 1999, "Making Perfect Sense", gets its first ever vinyl edition. Being a founding member of the Living Legends crew, The Grouch has made his name from the mid-90's on as one of the leading artists out of the flourishing Westcoast Underground scene. All independently, all DIY. We at HHV are very excited to finally get his full back catalogue out on vinyl, for the first time ever!

Making Perfect Sense is a low-key affair that seems resigned, almost satisfied to sneak in under the radar. Nevertheless, the fifth album from prolific rapper/producer the Grouch easily ranks as his finest, and stands among the best of the solo projects from San Francisco/Los Angeles' Living Legends collective. The Grouch produced the majority of the tracks here himself, mixing slender beats with stripped-down funk and soul -- along with the occasional off kilter effect -- to create a minimalist, yet surprisingly diverse sound. A number of guests take the mike here--most familiar to Living Legends fans --but the Grouch handles most of the lyrics as well, and his vocal style is equally low key, if not quite as arresting. Sounding off on over-hyped artists and disingenuous industry types, dismissing his critics, and chronicling his struggles as an independent artist, the Grouch often sounds more than a little bitter. In other moments, praising his friends and those have stood by him, or preaching the value of self-reliance, he sounds thankful, even hopeful. In either case, the producer/emcee isn't finding much to laugh about. Making Perfect Sense is clearly no party record. The music is excellent though, and this is as thoughtful and sincere a hip-hop record as you're likely to hear.
A3Every Day Is Saturday5:00
A4Trust Yourself4:56
A5Struggle Baby4:18
B1Wish You A Good Day4:17
B2Simple Man4:40
B3The Cuts3:51
B4Zip It4:53
C1Whats It's All About?4:33
C2Grow Up4:55
C3Numb To Life4:29
C4Blood, Dick And Pussy4:59
D1Too Much On It3:58
D2Stop Spying3:42
D3Cool Enough5:12
D4For A Few4:43

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