The Poets Of Rhythm - More Mess On My Thing Pt. 2 - 7" Vinyl

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The Poets Of Rhythm
More Mess On My Thing Pt. 2
7" Vinyl


It's a long story about this 7" and these 2 tunes! At first - these 2 instrumentals was recorded 25 years ago! To compare - it's like to listening to "Cold Sweat" in 1992. It's a classic! "More Mess On My Thing" by Poets Of Rhythm became classic too.

To our knowledge, Poets decide to compose "More Mess" after reading James Brown's autobiography where at the end of the book at discography section they found JB's unreleased single with the title "More Mess On My Thing". So young band try to imagine what could it be and how could it sound in 1969?

The result we all heard at their debut album "Practice What You Preach" released in 1993. In 1994 Poets decide to issue "More Mess" 7" on their own "Hotpie & Candy" label, but the test-presses appeared cuted on 33RPM instead of 45RPM.. So guys decide to cancel this release. Few test-presses of this 7" are still exist on a planet.

Same year in 1994 Poets got a new keys-player and decide to renew 2 first tunes from their debut album and make a new instrumental mixes by over-dubbing keys in "More Mess" and adding the flute to "Upper Class". Here what they got!
AMore Mess On My Thing Pt.2
BUpper Class Pt.2

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